Industrial Tool Build-out of New Facility – Anoka, MN

Industrial Tool, Inc (ITI), an industry leader in crafting workholding fixtures, turnkey engineering solutions, and robotic automation systems, faced space limitations at their current site, prompting the search for a new facility. Larson Building collaborated with ITI, providing valuable insights into construction costs for new builds and renovations.

Their search led them to a 60,000 SF medical manufacturing building in Anoka, MN. This strategic move not only fulfilled ITI’s space requirements but also accommodated enough space for their parent company, Maruuka, fostering a unified operational framework.

To seamlessly integrate both entities under one roof, Larson Building enlisted the expertise of Stonetent Architecture. The challenge was met by delineating distinct spaces for ITI and Maruuka, enabling independent operations while facilitating collaboration. Upon the building’s acquisition and finalization of the design, Larson Building efficiently assembled a team that successfully completed the project on time. This tailored facility that not only met immediate needs but also positioned ITI and Maruuka for future growth and operational synergy.

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