Major Renovation Completed at Twin City Plating

Twin City Plating recently completed a major renovation at their plating and metal finishing facility in Minneapolis, MN. Twin City Plating (TCP) has been providing metal finishing services in the upper Midwest since its inception in the 1930’s. During the mid 1960’s, then Twin City Chromium Plating Company, moved to its current location. With the assistance of engineers at some of TCP’s top customers, the new facility was designed specifically for plating and metal finishing. Learn more about TCP and their services here:

Back in early 2021, Ben Minger and the TCP team sat down with Larson Building to begin planning this major overhaul of their facility. The main goal was to redesign the production area to maximize capacity but also remodel their entry way, office area, and second floor conference and break room. One of Ben’s biggest concerns was how they were going to maintain production while the construction was in progress. So he worked closely with Larson Building to create a schedule and plan that allowed TCP to minimize down time and maximize production at all times.  

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